Summer 2012 Beginner Swim Team June 4th-Aug 3rd 8-9am

Summer Swimming Lessons Policies and Procedures


·         All Registrations are made online at the bottom of this page.·         Registration Closes at 3pm three days prior to the start of the class.


·         Requests for refunds must be submitted in writing to the HPC membership office at 3900 University Blvd, stating: name, name of student, session and lesson withdrawing from, amount initially paid, and reason for withdrawing. ·         Up to three days before the start of the class a $5 service fee will be assessed. ·         Two days prior to the start of class through the first day, 50% of the fee is refundable.·         No refunds will be given after the first day of class.


·         All lessons will continue as planned until they are cancelled by the Aquatics Coordinator. ·         Do not call the HPC or the HPC membership office about cancellations due to the weather. If the lessons are cancelled the contact number will receive a call. If the contact number does not receive a call then assume the lessons are still on.·         Lessons may not be cancelled until right before the lesson is to start.·         All pools follow the same weather policies and are closed for thirty minutes when thunder/lightning is heard or seen.  ·         Lessons will still be held during rain as long as the rain doesn’t block vision to the bottom of the pool and there is no accompanying thunder or lightning.        


·         Please be ten minutes early to the lesson so the practice can start on time. Please Print the payment receipt to present for entry into the facility.   ·          After the first practice you will be issured a temperary pass to gain entry. ·       Practices will last 1 hour. Please be on time for the retrieval of the students as swimming lessons start right after the beginner swim team.  

Any Questions May be directed to the Aquatics Coordinator at (903) 565-5602 or

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